The Alternative Cellular Energy (ACE) Pathway – Its Role in Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM)

The Alternative Cellular Energy (ACE) Pathway – Its Role in Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM)

Studies on the body’s defense mechanism versus stealth adapted viruses have furnished significant insight into a fundamental mechanism whereby the body acquires vitality for cellular features. The mechanism is referred to as the third or choice mobile strength (ACE) pathway. Photosynthesis is regarded as the first cellular power pathway of Character and meals metabolism as the 2nd.

The electrical power used by the ACE pathway is derived from an environmental drive termed KELEA (kinetic electricity limiting electrostatic attraction). It is probably to correspond to what Nikola Tesla described as a radiant or as an impulse force. The essential purpose of the kinetic vitality may possibly be to reduce the fusion and annihilation of opposing electrical fees. KELEA can act on fluids and other materials, top to a loosening of hydrogen bonding. KELEA activated water exhibits an improve in molecular kinetic activity measurable as an improved volatility. Also, the divided electrical expenses in adequately activated h2o can right absorb KELEA from the environment leading to even more activation of the water and that of nearby or extra h2o.

Though originally determined as a non-immunological defense versus stealth tailored viruses, the ACE pathway has much broader significance in biology. Principally, the ACE pathway is an adjunct to the cellular energy derived from oxidative phosphorylation of foods. The typical regular day-to-day usage of food stuff yields about 2,000 Calories. For a 75 Kilogram person to preserve a physique temperature 20oC above the setting needs 1,500 Calories a working day. (The system returns to room temperature within just 24 hrs of death). This would leave insufficient energy from food stuff fat burning capacity for the many mobile capabilities of the brain, coronary heart, muscle tissue and other organs. In other words and phrases, human beings and presumably other living creatures are dependent of an more, non-foods resource of cellular energy.

Many components can take in KELEA and transfer it to nearby drinking water. A striking feature of several of these materials is their dipolar or multipolar electrical assets. It is presumed that the separated electrical expenses are attracting KELEA, which may well then be produced from certain of these compounds, maybe in an oscillatory manner. This consideration led to the intriguing risk that the fluctuating electrical action in the mind and in muscle groups might serve as an antenna for bringing KELEA into the body. Aid for this hypothesis was acquired by demonstrating a drinking water-activating impact by contributors in a laughing yoga course.

The part of the mind as an antenna for KELEA is presumably topic to each optimistic and unfavorable influences. The latter are probable to include psychological stress. For selected persons the use of cell telephones or just staying underneath the impact of too much electromagnetism may perhaps negatively impact the proposed antenna functionality of their brain. A number of lines of proof are regular with sure generalizations about helpful facets of the brain’s electrical action. These involve I) a preference for alpha wave and even a lot more so for gamma mind waves, alternatively than beta mind waves. ii) Brain waves of large amplitude, which are indicative of a higher membrane opportunity with much less risk of unwarranted depolarization. iii) A reduced general degree of activity, letting the mind to extra quickly limit its consideration to enable clarity of considered, optimism and self-esteem. iv) larger emphasis on parasympathetic compared to sympathetic stimulation. These generalizations are constant with the commonly touted rewards of optimistic wondering and conscious meditation.

The physique can create KELEA attracting components outdoors of the mind. They are termed “ACE pigments” and can establish as a final result of bacterial infections with stealth adapted and other viruses. ACE pigments are electrostatic, at times magnetic and can fluoresce, specially in the presence of sure dyes, like neutral red dye. Tests for ACE pigments in dried perspiration, saliva and urine can present a signifies of assessing the ACE pathway. Their presence can, thus, be employed as an indicator for insufficient cellular energy.

As reasoned in other places, successful homeopathy is most likely a misnomer for the administration of KELEA activated drinking water. The drinking water is activated by organic tinctures, which are presumably acting as KELEA absorbing and transmitting compounds. The compounds are largely taken out by the progressive dilutions of homeopathic formulations. Mineral rich products beneficial for activating drinking water contain humic/fulvic acids, zeolites, volcanic rocks, shungite (a product from Russia), mica and anhydrous magnesium oxide. The activating material can be taken off at the time the h2o is activated, by various means together with distilling the h2o or working with a zero residue filtration. Indeed, some dipolar compounds can function without immediate speak to with the drinking water and simply want to be spot shut by the water to be activated.

Broadly dependent wellbeing positive aspects have been attributed to many food merchandise. A prime instance is the leaves of the Moringa oleifera tree. Despite the fact that usually discussed by its prosperous source of vitamins and minerals, the main method of action of Moringa oleifera leaves is most likely that of water activation. The expression enerceutical™ was introduced to explain foodstuff equipped to provide cellular electrical power further than their calorie or micronutrient content. Investigation by the writer has also put Ashitaba plants, cocoa powder and chaga mushroom extract into the drinking water-activating grouping of enerceuticals™.

Evolving scientific details assist the value of consuming activated water in various professional medical circumstances. Formal rigorously controlled research in sufferers with several clinical health problems are now warranted. These health problems are broadly categorized as follows:

1. Insufficient oxygen supply as in long-term obstructive pulmonary condition (COPD).

2. Impaired blood source as in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disorders.

3. Inefficiency of cellular metabolism as, for example in diabetic issues.

4. Amplified energy demands as in infections and in wound healing.

5. Deficiency in greater amount brain features that are not totally supported by food items derived metabolic electricity.

An interesting possibility in this last class is that consuming activated water may possibly enhance the brain’s capacity to act as its have antenna for KELEA, in a positive opinions system. Progressively, psychiatric people are currently being discovered as currently being refractory to any reasoned communicate therapy or offered psychothropic prescription drugs. Potentially they might turn into a lot more responsive to these modes of remedy if they consume KELEA activated water or enerceutical™ meals.

An understanding of the ACE pathway can also problem the presumed manner of action of a variety of substitute therapies. For illustration, when EDTA primarily based chelation therapy is usually assumed to function by deleting harmful metals, it might simply just be supplying activated drinking water. Electro-acupuncture bears similarity with the use of electrical stimulation to activate h2o in the laboratory placing. Head system medicine and meditation, which generally serve to limit distracting considered processes, may possibly in fact be a means of enhancing the KELEA antenna perform of the mind. These and similar matters are reviewed in the guide: Stealth Adapted Viruses Different Cellular Strength (ACE) & KELEA Activated H2o.”