Mangosteen Juice – Yet Another Scam Product

Mangosteen Juice – Yet Another Scam Product

Nowadays, I’d like to get a few things off my upper body that have been bothering me for a though, particularly the greed and abuse of shoppers believability of lots of corporations that are marketing outrageously expensive products and solutions for their so-named “anti-oxidant” electrical power.

I’m likely to to start with crush a handful of evident ‘scam’ products, not due to the fact I individuals are automatically the worst kinds out there, but simply just due to the fact these solutions get pitched all the time and I know that a large amount of trustworthy well being-seekers are throwing away a good deal of their challenging-gained funds on them.

Then soon after I’m done with this rampage, I am going to give a very last uppercut to these greedy empires by displaying you some of the greatest anti-oxidant packed foodstuff you can incorporate in your eating plan on the low cost.

Xango Mangosteen Juice: or the Artwork of Abusing Credulity

I have never ever instructed you that, but a extensive time in the past (more than 12 decades) — I briefly tried to do well in the “network advertising and marketing” earth. For virtually a calendar year, I was included in a single these organization, advertising “quality pet meals”, feel it or not!

So I obtained a whole lot of insights into the environment of “network internet marketing.” When it’s specified that there are lots of good organizations that run less than this product, you will find undoubtedly also a full whole lot of terrible types.

When I very first joined this Multi level marketing (Multi-Level Community) corporation, the significant guru advised us that Multilevel marketing was the long term of the environment. That in 10 a long time 80% of the goods would be dispersed that way (which obviously has not transpired, 10 decades later… not even shut).

He also told us that mainly because Mlm bi-passes the “major distribution community”, it allowed the distribution of larger quality products at a reduced charge.

My practical experience with several Multi-Level-Networking organizations I have encountered proves this to be improper. Typically, the products they offer are really significant-priced. Except you basically sign up for as a distributor, you practically pay out many instances the real market place benefit of the products.

I’ve also found that while there are a few fantastic Mlm businesses with great merchandise, most corporations are promoting suspect objects to gullible buyers. A lot of of these solutions have actually pretty minor value, and are 90% buzz, promoting and exaggerated promises.

Of class, they normally have a adorable very little tale to again it up. How the founder of the firm had a “eyesight” and a “aspiration” to boost the nutrition of the total planet, and how he launched his enterprise to fulfill his better mission.

I specifically like how they communicate about this 1 “scientist” from Japan (ever noticed they are all from Japan?) who discovered the fountain of youth in some historical plant, and would like to share it with the western world.

Let’s speak about this Mangosteen Juice

The organization Xango sells their unique fruit consume designed with mangosteen. This fruit is not similar to the “mango”. When I was in Bali, I ate mangosteens by the kilo, and they were quite reasonably priced. In Asia, the mangosteen is regarded the “queen of the fruit” for its sensitive flavor.

Xango sells their mangosteen juice as a “wonder get rid of”. Actually, what they market is some mangosteen products mixed with the juices of about eight other fruits. And at $32.50 per bottle, this fruit juice greater be excellent!

Actually, if you start out to believe that their internet marketing literature, this juice is practically nothing short of a miracle overcome.

According to Xango, there are additional than 20 “human health rewards” to their mangosteen juice, from “anti-microbial” to “anti-cancer”.

Supposedly, we ought to consume their juices due to the fact of “xanthones”, a “highly effective antixidant” that “may perhaps support manage intestinal health, improve the immune method, neutralize cost-free radicals, support assistance cartilage and joint perform, and encourage a healthier seasonal respiratory system.”

Having said that because they will not have any major study to back this claim up, Xango provides this disclaimer as a footnote: “These statements have not been evaluated by the Fda. This solution is not meant to diagnose, deal with, treatment or avoid any ailment”.

Xango is in the business for the bux

Any person who knows community advertising is familiar with how the program functions. Impartial distributors are offering the merchandise but predominantly recruiting other distributors in purchase to get a percentage off their profits.

Normally the enthusiastic network marketer will aggressively market the products to his have good friends, relations and neighbors.

(I keep in mind when I was in this “pet meals” company and I phoned the full checklist of names from my higher university year, in get to pitch them the puppy food items products!)

With this program, the more distributors a man or woman can recruit, the far more dollars they can make. And the organization alone delivers all of the marketing materials they want to generate as significantly buzz as possible.

Like all identical products and solutions sold by the exact form of system, Xango has some form of resemblance of scientific truth that they exaggerate to the intense to offer their products.

Numerous of their statements are absolutely exaggerated and unsubstantiated. For a neutral viewpoint on Xango, examine the Wikipedia webpage on the issue:

A great number of Other Products and solutions

The advertising, the promises, and the suspicious study behind Xango’s achievement resembles mysteriously to a large amount of other related products we have observed promoted about the very last several decades. I am referring to:

– Noni fruit juice

– Goji Berry juice

– Aloe Vera juice

The same story here, the identical scam, with a distinct item. In point, I have identified that the two the Chief Monetary Officer AND the president of Xango worked previously for Tahitian Noni Intercontinental, another organization providing their possess miracle remedy.

When I look at a $35 bottle of “anti-oxidant-rich” mangosteen juice, I can’t help to giggle and believe to myself, “what kind of idiot would commit that sort of dollars (in addition transport) for a bottle of fruit juice?”

Let’s not ignore what these companies are right after.

A few several years in the past, far more than one particular man or woman wished to just take gain of my “major mailing list” to indicator me up as a Xango distributor. They tried out to persuade me that I would make “so much dollars” if I utilised the energy of my mailing checklist to market this merchandise, and recruit other distributors.

I failed to take into account for a solitary 2nd to do that and never gave replied to people requests (one particular arrived from a buddy of mine).

What is appealing is that anyone who came to me to explain to me about mangosteen juice invested much more time to make clear how considerably cash I could make with it, rather than try to convince me it was a truly great solution. It really is pretty much as if the product is irrelevant, as very long as the relaxation is in location.

Some Anti-Oxidant Loaded Meals: Low-priced Possibilities

Alright, now that I come to feel a minimal greater to have expressed my truth about this mangosteen juice, permit me give you some rapid ideas that these organizations certainly you should not want you to know.

1- Berries — Berries are by considerably the a single of the richest resources of antioxidants, specifically wild blueberry. I counsel getting as lots of berries as you can. As well as they are especially enjoyable to eat. When wild blueberries are in time, freeze them in absurd portions and use them during the yr.

2- Pomegranate Juice — Pomegranate Juice is a quite high supply of most cancers-preventing anti-oxidants. You can both purchase new pomegranates and make the juice yourself, or obtain pomegranate concentrate (which is nonetheless a large supply of anti-oxidants). The superior factor is that even a massive jug of pomegranate juice will only price tag you about $7, so 5 instances less than the mangosteen juice (which is built primarily with other juices). And finest of all, you can find it in most well being foods outlets.

3- Prunes — In accordance to new research, prunes rank really superior on the “anti-oxidant” rating ( regime/manual/20061101/antioxidants-discovered-unexpected-foods) Fantastic issue, because they are also very tasty.

4- Greens — Dark inexperienced leafy veggies are also an fantastic source of anti-oxidants. But not just that. Greens contain additional diet than any other foods! For the complete tale, indication up for the Environmentally friendly for Existence System (

5- Mangosteen — Ultimately, you can also get the well being rewards of mangosteen… by seeking them out contemporary. They are extremely delicious. You can uncover them in several Asian marketplaces. Even at $5 a pound, you’re even now going to get a greater deal than you would get on the Xango juice. And if you at any time journey to Costa Rica in September, or Asia in the winter, you will get all of the mangosteens you can eat, at dirt affordable rates.

In a foreseeable future difficulty, I am going to go deeper into this interesting topic of anti-oxidants.

Know that future 7 days, for a lot less than the price of two bottle of mangosteen juice (I consider I will get started speaking like that for a even though…), you can sign up for me in a potent, definitely “results-oriented” Eco-friendly Cleanse — 1 of my most well known and helpful eating plan detox. You will find a handful of spaces readily available, and the cleanses starts off on June 4th. Signal up at: