Effects of Microwave Frequencies and Essential Oils

Effects of Microwave Frequencies and Essential Oils

Dr. Radwan Farag, dean of the Biochemistry Office at Cairo College, carried out a analyze and found out that all enzymes in foods are destroyed with just 2 seconds of microwave power. This improves our enzyme deficiency and alters the frequency of the food. Heating foodstuff-that contains proteins for 10 minutes in the microwave could modify the molecular framework of the food stuff, building a hazardous style of protein. Isn’t really the price tag of this usefulness far too higher in the loss of our well being?

Microwaves are a form of electromagnetic electricity, like radio waves. A microwave oven is made up of a magnetron, which creates micro wave-duration radiation that interacts with the molecules in foods. The wave strength from the microwave oven adjustments the polarity of molecules from positive to damaging hundreds of thousands of periods every single next. The friction produces intense heat and will cause structural harm of the food stuff molecules.

The dietary benefit of food items decreases up to 60 to 90 per cent. Vitamin B12, needed for pink blood cell formation, is considerably reduced. Microwave cooking also kills 97 percent of the flavonoids in the food items that are some of the body’s nutrient soldiers that struggle disease, irritation, and microbes. Vitamins C & E, crucial minerals and enzymes are almost destroyed. Our cells are left very susceptible to viruses, fungi, and other micro-organisms.

The professional planet would like to disguise the fact. An post appeared in the 19th difficulty of the Journal Franz Weber, which stated, ” the use of food cooked in microwave ovens experienced cancerous outcomes on the blood. The violent deformations that can manifest in the human body when uncovered to microwaves are also found in the meals molecules cooked in microwaves. Reports conducted on food stuff thawed, cooked and heated in microwaves confirmed that numerous food items molecules became carcinogens. The glucoside and galactoside existing in frozen meals transformed into carcinogenic substances. Plant alkaloids in greens had been converted in carcinogens. Milk and cereals heated in microwaves also had some of their acids transformed into carcinogens.” On the go over of the magazine was a photograph of the Grim Reaper holding a microwave oven in one of his palms.

What can we do? We can check out to steer clear of some of it, most likely not all of it, and glance for approaches to safeguard ourselves. A single of these is the use of critical oils, which have been applied for generations for beautifying, therapeutic, and shielding, the two physically and spiritually.

The artificial entire world of perfumes, soaps, lotions, potions, creams, cosmetics, and the wide foods field have lost the therapeutic features of crucial oils. In the last ten years necessary oils have reemerged as feasible solutions for organic healing and wellness from their mysterious earlier. Universities and laboratories all in excess of the globe are conducting reports on vital oils and allopathic medicine is beginning to take recognize.

With the scientific investigate getting performed, it has been found that vital oils are one particular of the highest recognised sources of anti-oxidants that can avert absolutely free radical hurt. The bio-electrical frequencies the essential oils include are a number of periods greater than herbs and foods, generating the oils profoundly powerful in increasing the frequencies of the human entire body and aiding in the avoidance of illness.

Dr. Sabina M. DeVita, in her e book, Electromagnetic Pollution, states that due to the fact of the substantial frequency, higher oxygenating molecules, quickly shipping and delivery method to the cells, immune-creating, antimicrobial houses, and so forth., vital oils come to be a vital adjunct to preserving ourselves towards no cost radical harm as well as the likely ravages of our electromagnetically polluted ecosystem.